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How To Build A Sales Funnel For Your Coaching/Consulting Business?

Let’s discuss sales funnels and just how to develop one for your online training service!

Currently, if you’re wondering what the hell a sales funnel is … don’t fret because this entire post was created to help Holly out that asks, “I still don’t understand what a sales funnel really is … as well as what type of sales funnel is ideal for my training organization?”

Developing a sales funnel will entirely transform the method you run your coaching/consultation business. And the best part is, it saves you from manually bring in leads and get even more coaching customers while automating 80% of the process!

Please note: You do not require a funnel to get your very first few coaching clients! With a clear image of that your ideal customer is, the problem you help them address, and the improvement your customers can anticipate, you can by hand market your mentoring program and plans. Yes, you will see short-term wins nevertheless this is not lasting.

Allow’s break down the sales funnel right into each step …

Funnel Step # 1: Attention

The very first step in your funnel is to grab focus! This can be from your Facebook personal or service follower page, Facebook group, Instagram, YouTube, Podcast, and/or Facebook Advertisements (if you include paid web traffic to the mix).

Training Tip: Create content that is valuable to your excellent clients. Solve their issues, struck their pain factors, as well as give them a transformation with everything you share on the internet (similar to this short article). Not just feel-good inspirational quotes!

Leverage your social media sites material to share a free deal that strikes their minds! This could be a free video clip training course (like the Online Coaching Service Refresher Course) or a PDF download (like the Know Your Specific Niche Guide).

Thousands of people will concern the top of your funnel. A high percentage of them will never work with you, yet the people that resonate with your message and see the value you supply will proceed to the following step

Funnel Step # 2: Enter Your List

Perfect! You’ve started to develop your email list with subscribers that resonated with your message, have the exact trouble you address, as well as understood they ‘d be missing out if they passed up on your lead magnet.

Now you have to begin putting together a connection with them! You can consider this as the “dating” stage that you go through prior to you ‘pop the question’.

Send your email subscribers value-packed content like a post you created on Medium , a YouTube video, an invite to your regular Facebook live, or a well-crafted email that bends your copywriting skills to give them an email they can obtain something out of.

Funnel Step # 3: Webinar/ Sales Discussion.

The next step in your coaching company sales funnel is to relocate your leads into a sales presentation like a webinar or masterclass! A value-centric real-time webinar will give each of your attendees a makeover on its own, which means sharing the details regarding your coaching program and the even larger makeovers they can obtain will lead them to the last 2 steps …

Funnel Step # 4: Application.

After your sales pitch (through your webinar, masterclass, or sales emails), you have actually obtained an interested possible customer who has been pre-qualified to work with you. Get their info and also get them on a Zoom call to ensure it is an excellent fit for both of you.

Funnel Step # 5: Work With You.

Congratulations! You have your first (of many) coaching/consultation client prepared to get going! Your sales funnel has actually done its work and turned a complete stranger surfing on the net into a client.

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The Only 2 Funnels That We Put together.

1: Your List Building Funnel.

Send your attention-grabbing traffic to your lead magnet (a totally free value-packed offer) as well as develop your email list!

Setup an email drip campaign to nurture the leads. I recommend using ActiveCampaign

2: Your Sales Funnel.

When your audience is warmed up to you, guide your website traffic to your sales page where your offer is set out with persuasive copy and showcases the worth of your deal! From here, they can schedule a phone call with you (I highly advise you market with a sales call when you are first beginning).

Now that they remain in their calendar, they will certainly be required to a thank you page where you can give them a PDF to help them prepare for the call, invite them right into your Facebook team to keep the partnership active, and to thank them for reserving a call with you!

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